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The Surgical Center at Columbia Orthopaedic Group Performs First Simplify Cervical Disc Procedure in Missouri

Central Missouri farmer Bryan Ratliff is getting ready to resume his regular routine just two weeks after becoming the first patient in Missouri to undergo a new surgical procedure that is a successful alternative to spinal fusion.

Dr. John Miles performed Missouri's first, groundbreaking Simplify Cervical Disc procedure at The Surgical Center at Columbia Orthopaedic Group. The Surgical Center at Columbia Orthopaedic Group was recently ranked the No. 1 ambulatory surgery center in Missouri for 2021 based on Newsweek's annual rankings.

"Columbia Orthopaedic Group remains committed to be at the vanguard of technological advancements that improve care for our patients," Dr. Miles said. The new technology, recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration, is a welcome addition to what Dr. Miles called his "long-standing personal and professional commitment to motion-sparing spine surgery."

Bryan, who has a farm in California, Mo., said he had increasing neck pain that eventually caused blurred vision when he was driving his tractor. That's when Bryan decided to consult with Dr. Miles at Columbia Orthopaedic Group, where his wife had undergone successful knee arthroscopy with partial medial meniscectomy by Dr. Bus Tarbox one week earlier.

Bryan said his recovery has been "smooth sailing," and that he walked out from surgery and delivered Christmas packages the next day.

"I'm good as new. I trusted Dr. Miles from the beginning and knew I was in good hands," Bryan added. "My only regret is not having the surgery done earlier."

Dr. Miles further explained the new technology and procedure.

"The Simplify Cervical Disc represents an evolution of prior designs and offers some unique enhancements - smaller sizes for petite patients, semi-constrained design, ease of disc preparation and insertion, and MRI compatibility."

Simplify Cervical Disc vs. traditional fusion:

  • Significant decrease in pain.
  • Significant increase in function.
  • Increased motion from pre-operative levels.
  • Virtually distortion-free imaging.
  • Lower height discs.

Simplify Medical Inc., a privately-held company focused on cervical spinal disc arthroplasty and developer of the Simplify Cervical Artificial Disc, announced in December the first surgery following FDA approval for the procedure. The procedure was done at the Texas Back Institute in Plano, Texas.

"We believe Simplify Disc sets a new standard for clinical success in treating cervical radiculopathy," said David Hovda, president and CEO of Simplify Medical.

The Surgical Center at Columbia Orthopaedic Group Performs First Simplify Cervical Disc Procedure in Missouri

California, Mo. farmer Bryan Ratliff says he's "good as new" after groundbreaking surgical procedure at The Surgical Center at Columbia Orthopaedic Group. The new procedure is a recently FDA-approved alternative to spinal fusion.

Simplify Cervical Disc Procedure Doctors

Pcitured: Dr. Miles (left) and Jerry Huber

Simplify® Disc Simplify Disc is a motion-preserving cervical artificial disc designed to allow for advanced imaging capability of MRI, to better match patients' anatomies, and for physiologic movement. It is composed of advanced, primarily non-metal materials (PEEK-on-ceramic) to permit the full diagnostic imaging capability of MRI, potentially minimizing patient exposure to ionizing radiation. The three-piece disc, with a semi-constrained mobile core, is designed to mimic/replicate the natural biomechanical motion of a healthy disc. Implantation of the Simplify Disc is accomplished in a straightforward, three-step procedure.

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