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How Did This State-Winning Athlete Put An End To His Knee Pain?

It started with a football game. Colder Evans, who is now a freshman at Central Methodist University (CMU), was in the first game of the season of his senior football season. He went for a tackle and damaged more than the other team's odds of winning.

"I just thought I sprained my knee," Evans remembers.

He opted to rest the injury and was back on the field by game three. In a compounding case of bad luck, Evans felt the tear during that next game on a Friday night. He was recommended to go to Columbia Orthopaedic Group by his teammates who had been treated successfully there.  He was quickly evaluated on Monday morning, where he was diagnosed with a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and meniscus tear.

One of the most common knee injuries is an ACL sprain or tear. The ACL is one of the key ligaments that help stabilize your knee joint. It is the tissue that connects the thigh bone to the shinbone.  Treatments may include bracing and therapy or surgery for stabilization of the knee and repair of the meniscus. Wasting no time, he was scheduled for surgery the following Thursday.

Evans started with a 2020 surgery to reconstruct his ACL and repair the meniscus. It was painful, and the rehabilitation process was lengthy, with lots of physical therapy (PT). In a testament to Evans' recovery, he won a state track title seven months after his ACL surgery.

Still, he was experiencing stiffness, soreness, and limitations on his ability to straighten his leg.

State-Winning Athlete Put An End To His Knee Pain
[Image Credit: Austin Miller, Kirksville Daily Express]

One year after the original tear (and only a few months after winning his state title), Dr. Hamann recommended a second surgery: needle arthroscopy. He could be awake during his surgery allowing to feel immediate relief and return quickly to his college classes and workouts.

Evans was impressed that he could immediately stand up following the needle arthroscopy and walk to the recovery room without support.

"In about two weeks, I felt normal again," Evans added. "I feel a lot better after the needle arthroscopy. This result is what I wanted. I can lift weights with hardly any issue. I'm still running slower and working to build strength back, but it will return over time."

 "Dr. Hamann is who I've always gone to, and he did a good job the first time [with the initial ACL surgery]. I always trust he will do a great job."

State-Winning Athlete Put An End To His Knee Pain

It is not uncommon for athletes like Colder Evans to experience ACL injuries. Sports are the most common culprits for ACL injuries. Interestingly, studies have identified female athletes as more likely to incur an ACL injury than male athletes in certain sports. About half of the ACL injuries are accompanied by damage to other structures in the knee, such as articular cartilage, meniscus, or other ligaments.

Evans recommends needle arthroscopy for others who find themselves in a similar situation.

"It will make you feel a lot better. Needle arthroscopy reduced my pain and stiffness. I can straighten my leg again for the first time in a year."

Now that he is on track with his ACL recovery, Evans has new goals on the horizon. Namely, scoring points in the conference this year.

"I'm a freshman," he humbly caveats. "So I don't want to get too ahead of myself."

Whether your goals are sports-related or simply remedying knee pain and stiffness, the experts at COGs are here to support your journey to recovery.

Visit us if you are experiencing knee discomfort. Columbia Orthopaedic Group is the first orthopaedic practice in Mid-Missouri to utilize Needle Arthroscopy technology for diagnosing and treating knee injuries.

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