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Why outpatient facilities save you time and money

A look Into COG's ability to pivot and innovate within the medical industry.

Columbia Orthopedic Group hails from humble beginnings back in 1965 first seeing patients in a small white house on residential Williams Street in Columbia, MO. COG President Dr. Mark Adams tells the story of three founding physicians who sought to deliver a service unparalleled to anything before. The group has grown to now 26 practicing physicians and 200+ support staff. With an impressive 550,000 patients served and counting, the numbers don't lie: outpatient orthopaedic practice is on the rise and there are many reasons why the group is seeing this upward trend.

Dr. Mark Adams was recently featured on the CEO Roundtable Podcast hosted by Fred Parry to discuss the changes in the healthcare landscape over the last few decades. The interview begins by highlighting the impressive work Dr. Adams has accomplished over his time as a physician from earning his M.D. at The University of Missouri-Columbia Medical School to working as a Sports Medicine Fellow at Harvard to being selected as one of the team physicians to support the US Olympic athletes in 2 World Olympics. There is no shortage of patients singing both his praises as well as his group's, from decorated world athletes to local electricians to at-home yogis.

Competition Drives Lowered Outpatient Costs
When speaking to the benefits of outpatient facilities compared to large hospital networks, he stresses the main competitive edge is the cost. Outpatient facilities like the COG Surgery Center simply have less overhead, improved efficiencies, and are able to keep costs more affordable for those needing care. That is a huge motivating factor for people when considering health care options.

Competition Drives Lowered Outpatient Costs

An exciting addition to reducing costs of treatment is upfront cost transparency. Bundled Payments are a relatively new type of payment system the group and it's surgery center has incorporated into their practice. Rather than going to the hospital and receiving services followed by a bill a few weeks later, bundled payments provide upfront costs of everything involved from anesthesia to the medications for aftercare. There are now options ranging from day of care to even 90-day post-op bundles, meaning your care for the entire episode has been covered and included upfront. This creates total transparency and peace of mind. Bundled Payments are an exciting and promising future in the healthcare industry making procedures accessible and more affordable.

Minimally Invasive Advances Improving Recovery Time
Dr. Adams also points out the introduction of enhanced surgical technology and an emphasis on minimally invasive procedures as another innovation, calling it a "bright future for Orthopaedics." Reducing stress on the body, lowering the chances of complications, and decreased recovery time are huge benefits with minimally invasive technologies. With its lower costs, innovative solutions, and shorter recovery times, COG earns its rank among top-rated practices in the nation. This drive for growth and knowledge, coupled with a passion for enhanced patient experience at the forefront, has led COG to be a seven-time winner of the prestigious APEX quality award in patient satisfaction.

Dr. Mark Adams

Why outpatient facilities save you time and money

Innovative Key Players for Growth
Another key to success is adaptability. Following such an unprecedented year from the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to pivot and redirect is essential. Telehealth was an increasingly popular option for clinics to create pathways for patient care during the global pandemic. "Tell us the new rules and we will figure it out," says Dr. Adams as he discusses the challenges of treating patients with a bright and refreshing attitude on the subject. Speaking of innovation, COG's unique stay suites named The Lodge at Keene Street are among the first of their kind in the country.

The Lodge at Keene Street provides an atmosphere that includes protective oversight, one-on-one self-care education and convenient physical therapy in a setting that supports the goals of each individual. The immersive education rich environment prepares each person for their unique personal recovery journey, a concept that is truly reimagining the healthcare industry.

Prioritizing Patients Time
As a part of everyone's busy lifestyles, Dr. Adams recognizes how important every patient's time is, a perspective often overlooked by the healthcare industry. Adams says, "Our patient's time is important also, and we hope that our practice efficiency translates to all patients." Columbia Orthopedic Group treats an impressive volume of over 100,000 patients per year in the clinic. The focus is on lowering wait times, employing expert support staff, and creating efficient systems to keep the patient process running smoothly.

From growing up in rural Missouri, Dr. Adams knows the impact of having such incredible healthcare options for small surrounding communities. Being able to serve not only the local community in Columbia but all of Mid-Missouri provides patients increased access and local expertise as compared to traveling to larger cities with bigger hospital networks.

Dr. Adams's guiding mission for his physicians and the practice is founded on connectivity. Being part of the community and collaborating with local hospitals are important to the success of the physicians at Columbia Orthopaedic Group. In addition to being President of the group, he is a team physician for Mizzou Athletics.

"I want them [the physicians] to be leaders, not only in Orthopaedics but in medicine and [in] our community."

The Future of COG
The foundation for COG was built on being a pillar in the community and supporting the wellness of Mid-Missouri, and nearly 60 years later the group has stayed true to this mission. The group's surgery center was recently awarded "America's Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers 2021" by Newsweek. Dr. Adams envisions a bright future for the group and foresees a tremendous amount of upside in the world of orthopaedics. He attributes that the success of the group has been due to physicians having one thing in mind: high-quality patient care.

Whether it's community involvement, cutting-edge research, or having efficient and affordable care for patients, Columbia Orthopedic Group is committed to getting patients back to outstanding musculoskeletal health and living life on their terms.

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CEO Roundtable w. Fred Parry

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